america\'s most unwanted: the neverland ranch and other unsold $100 million mega-mansions

by:Marslite     2019-10-01
Michael Jackson\'s dream island worth $100 million
Officially named Sycamore Valley Ranch-
Still stuck in the block.
Listed on last May (
No king of pop amusement park), the 2,698-
Carlo compoundin olibos display case 12,598square-
The foot of Normandy, France
Style main house with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.
Other buildings include three separate hotels, one 5,500-square-
Walking cinema with stage, numerous barn, animal shelter facilities and repair shop.
Rancho San Carlos, throw a rock at random-a nearly 238-
Acre ranch in the foothills of Santa Barbara-
After going public a year and a half ago, I also haven\'t found a new owner yet.
The property costs $0. 125 billion.
The biggest hotel in montesito
Features 29,483-square-
Including the foot main residence of more than 30 rooms (
12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms included)
On top of 10 villas, ample equestrian facilities and 100 acres of fruitful orchards. (
The Monterey Colonial estate was designed by Pasadena architect Reginald Johnson in 1931 and has a history of nearly a century. )
Located in Hillsboro Beach on millionaire Avenue, the Royal Palace first listed a year and a half ago.
Done now, 47,774-square-
Foot behemoth for $0. 159 billion-
$20 million more than the original asking price.
In addition to 19 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms, Beaux Art Center-
Style mansion has a range of outrageous features including a120year-
Luxury staircase, 2 million-old Austrian chandelier, $4,500square-
26-foot infinity pool
Gold plated fountain with feet and the first
The largest home theater in the world
Not to mention the value of 22-300 million dollarskarat gold-leaf detailing.
The hotel also has a spa, a bowling alley, go-
A car and an iceskating rink—plus a 492-foot dock, 30-
Car underground garage and private waterfront 465 feet.
Jeff Green\'s $0. 195 billion Amore Palace is the most expensive house to sell when it went public in the US in November 2014.
But over a year.
And serious price cuts)later, the 25-
Acre manor is still on the shelf.
The current price is $0. 149 billion, and Beverly Hills includes 35,000-square-
Walk to the main building and separate rooms with a total of 12 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms and 2 bedroomslevel, 15,000-square-
Walking entertainment complex completed by a country-of-the-
50-Art DJ Booth
Two seats theater
Bowling Alley, spinning dance floor, laserlight system.
The property features 53,000 square feet of living space
Built by architect Bob Ray Offenhauser, designed by Alberto Pinto
Pool, spa, tennis courts and vineyards are also included, producing 400-
500 boxes of wine per year plus 10,000-bottle cellar.
Hard rounding-to-
List is the second expensive one in Los Angeles: 18,000square-
Danny Thomas, a comedian and philanthropist (who foundedSt.
Jude Hospital).
In addition to 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, the magnificent garden-
Enter the market quietly in last August
Includes ballroom, media room and car court for 20 cars.
Show Gold
Crown shape with leaves, gorgeous tiles, $2.
Baccarat chandelier worth 5 million
Style abode currently charges $0. 135 billion-
It was nine times the last time it sold in 2000.
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