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By James Rush release: July 26, 2013 13:04 EDT | update: 13:29 EDT July 26, 2013 a taxi driver rapist with disco lights and candy decoration taxi lure young women get into a taxi, today, he was sentenced to 16 years in prison for two terrible sexual attacks.
Terry Collins, 61, is known as a \"disco cabin\" and a judge told him that he is still in danger of being a woman as long as he has sex.
In the evening, the predator cruise down the street trying to attract potential victims into his bright --
The \"honey trap\" taxi was lit.
This abnormal person takes pictures of female passengers while drunk and inappropriate.
Dress status using the dashboard camera.
On March 2010, he raped a 14-year-old girl after forcing her to get on the bus.
He raped one two years later. year-
After the old woman reveled, she entered his Citroen Picasso taxi at the end of one night at a level.
Police fear Collins had attacked other female customers in the past, but they never came forward.
It took taxi drivers three years to raise their concerns with authorized agencies about suspicious behavior and strange behavior of predatorsdecorated taxi.
When he posted photos of some women\'s fares on his Facebook page in June 2011, their concerns intensified further.
Officials ordered him to take out the camera, disco and flash, as well as a series of soft toys and lollipops, but he insisted.
He then attacked his second victim as he opened the front passenger\'s door in early March 10, as she hobbled on a taxi in Bournemouth, Dorset.
When he was driving, his eyes stared at the road, and he touched the shocked woman undecently.
He then drove the car into some dark garage, forced her to have sex with him and raped her.
Police arrested Collins with glasses and quickly attacked him with 2010-year-old.
He denied two rape charges and one sexual assault charge, and two of his victims went through the pain of giving evidence before the jury. Grey-
Haired Collins was convicted and sentenced to 16 years in prison today.
Judge Peter Johnson said when he was imprisoned in the Bournemouth Royal Court: \"You have no remorse.
\"You are a ruthless and intelligent man who knows what he is doing and loves to control women.
\"You don\'t exercise yourself.
Constraints when asked to stop you from moving forward.
\"When you stay sexually active, you are a danger to women.
James Leith, a police officer at Bournemouth police, said afterwards: \"Collins abused his position of trust held as a taxi driver and plundered vulnerable women.
The victims of Collins may have more people to talk to the police.
If they have any concerns about Collins, I urge them to contact the police as soon as possible.
The second victim of Collins, a mother. of-
One, about her suffering.
The 21-year-old said: \"I left a karaoke room early in the morning and walked to a nearby taxi station.
What happened was a bit vague, but the front door of the taxi was open and ready for me and I just got in.
When he touched me improperly, we drove for a while.
He put his hand on my shorts and his eyes did not leave the road.
I didn\'t tell him anything. I just froze.
He parked his car in the garage behind my apartment and even though I said \"no\" over and over again, he touched me again.
\"I\'m just numb, just trying to get out of there alive.
All I can think of is my baby.
It lasted about half. an-
An hour later, I threw a 20-pound note at him and got off the bus and called the police.
The woman said the attack had a devastating impact on her.
She said: \"I can\'t leave my home for about two weeks and lose two stones.
It even took me months to get back by taxi again.
John Tai, chairman of the Bournemouth Taxi Industry Association, said the Bournemouth Commission\'s licence officer had questions to ask if Collins would stay on the street for such a long time.
\"Collins was allowed to run a taxi to attract young and vulnerable girls,\" he said.
He has a lot of disco in his car.
Type fairy lights and countless cute toys on the dashboard, as well as a container with sweet lollipops.
The industry presents a completely inappropriate female image downloaded from his Facebook profile to the licensing board.
\"The question that has to be asked is, if the vehicle is not that notable and there is no honey trap set up, will his victim be attracted?
Collins from Bournemouth holds a 10-year private rental licence, but also acts as a rogue Hackney carriage to illegally pick up gamblers on the street.
He works for Star Radio in Bournemouth.
A spokesman for the company said: \"We followed all the correct procedures and he was suspended as soon as we were notified (of his arrest).
We express our sympathy to all those involved.
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